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His eyes stared at her from across the fire, hers lifted toward the night sky. A beautiful blanket of twinkling lights she never had the chance to appriciate anymore. There was a hint of a smile on her lips. "I would hate for you to try."

Selene had grown use to killing monsters, she had not yet gotten a taste for taking the lives of men. While it was a necessary evil, she had yet to develop the distain for human life as Viktor and many of her brother and sister vampires had. She still felt very much human and wanted to stay that way as long as she could.

"Lost." She repeated, her eyes slowly dropping from the sky to peer through the flames at him. It was then that she truly noticed him. He was a mountain of a man. His tan skin glowed beautifully against the light of the fire and his eyes....She was no virgin. Like the men she fought beside Selene had grown accustom to being used and using men for nothing more then a night. However, those men rarely looked or smelled as this one did.

He smelled of the woods and fire. Of earth and the wild.

"That would depend on your meaning of the question." She challenged in a teasing manner, her voice still soft and unthreatening. Viktor said her looks were her greatest asset, no one would ever suspect a woman like Selene to be a killer of monsters and men.
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