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It had been a hundred years, no.  Longer.  More than a hundred years since he'd followed that damned wizard through the portal and into this new, strange world so alike his own and yet not. 

A hundred lands had passed beneath his boots and a dozen new languages to learn as he crossed the earth under foreign stars.  Stars who'd long since lost their remote and ominous unfamiliarity.  Now they were there, to guide his nights as the road of men and more importantly the sun guided his days.  And although he no longer fought against sorcerers and monsters as he did of old?  In this new land there were other monsters to fight; those with fangs or fur.  Some had four legs, some had two but a man did what he had to and over the decades there were less that would come against him as Conan's legend began to grow.

He'd lost track of who's land this was, and truth to tell he didn't care.  Was it owned?  Maybe.  There had been no one around for several leagues however, and the man himself had not seen another human in a spate of days.  So finding a flat enough space at the edge of a wood line, looking out to the flatland's and the tall grass beyond is where the Cimmerian made his bed for the night.  His horse had been fed and tied close, and Conan had rolled out a few furs to lay on as he roasted one of the long lop-eared hares over his small fire. 

Yes, it was a good night, but strange in a way that kept him awake and alert.  The warrior kept his sword, Cimmerian steel at his side as his eyes roamed the ocean of grass in front of him. 

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So he was a nomad. Wanderer of the world. But he had come from somewhere and by the looks of him it was not here. He was not native to this place. "How have you seen so much?"

That she agreed with. During the daylight hours she felt like a prisoner. It was terrifying and clostrophobic to be trapped by the deadly force of the sun. Something she once cherished would now kill her.

She smirked softly at that and nodded. "The night is young." He couldn't have slept for long but alone in the woods likely didn't afford him much time for beauty rest. "I am Selene." If she was going to intrude on his camp and his sleep she could be polite enough to introduce herself. "Do you have a name or shall I just call you Nomad?"

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"A man can see a lot when not tied to a patch of earth like a herd beast."

The sky was a blue-black velvet, sprinkles of stars scattered on it like diamonds. Stars that too soon would lose their shine when the moon held court in the dark.

"I am Conan." One thing about her disturbed him. She spoke well, was relatively clean, and wore warriors leathers. But where was her weapon? It would be death for anyone to be out here unarmed. Even shepherds had staffs when they went to find their wandering sheep. "Your sword. Have you lost that as well?"

"And are you tired, Selene? After all the night is young." Conan had a healthy respect, even a fear of the supernatural, if one could call it that. However, he was not one to look down upon the unexpected gift of a willing bedmate.

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Selene laughed at that. "You are certainly no herd beast." And she was not a woman of her time. Her years with the Coven had rid her of any idea of a 'woman's place'. She laughed as she pleased, spoke when she wanted and spoke her mind.

Her sword was at her back, which was to him, likely why he did not see it. The way the sheath was harnessed to her it sat low enough that her thick mane of hair usually provided ample cover, leaving many unsuspecting men surprised when it was quickly at their throats.

She pulled it out and laid it over her crossed legs. "I'd rather run naked through the castle then be seen without my weapon." After all Selene was not one of the diplomats of the Coven, she was turned by Viktor, which meant one thing and one thing only a life of battle. Viktor only turned those he sought for Death Dealers. Amelia and Marcus turned the others.

"No," she gave him a pointed look paired with a coy smile. "The night is young after all, I can sleep when I'm dead."

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"No. There is no sleep for the dead. Eternal darkness, eternal loss, but not sleep. Sleep would be welcome to the dead I think."

Crossing his legs, he sat up as well, pulling his own broadsword across his legs to lie there in the firelight. It was Cimmarian steel, carefully sharpened to get the pits and gouges out. "And you know how to use that, Selene?" This was said in a low, relaxed manner in the same way a person would ask to pass the salt.

"Because you are not the only visitor coming to the fire tonight. There are four - out there in the grass. They are watching us." He shrugged. "And another in the dark over my right shoulder. Wolves, and only that I think. Still, fierce enough beasts for all that they are not the monsters we speak of."

"There is another fire pit made up about ten feet of, in the dark there. If you would start the fire, I shall go get my horse."

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"No sleep. Shame. I've been staying up late at night hoping I'd catch up when Death calls for me." He was a serious man. Selene was, most of the times. There were rare moments when she found herself at ease, generally when she was miles away from the house and Kraven. Out here alone with nothing but the stars to answer to Selene felt more herself.

She looked over his blade with an appricitive gaze. Matayas had taught her that ones sword was an extension of their soul. To honor and cherish it as you would the arm that weilds it. "But of course." However, she had only been slinging her blade for a few years now. There was still a lot of room for improvement and every day she practiced when she should have been sleeping.

Selene felt a little embarassed when he asked her to start the other fire. She would not be able to start the fire from scratch. Vampire did not need the light at night and could manage in the cold. He was right though, only wolves, she could hear and smell them. Not Lycans.

She pulled one of the already burning logs from his fire and made a quick run for the other pit. Dropping it in the hole she ignored the burn that was quickly healing on her palm and began to gather up other wood and ground cover that would burn and give them the best light. He would need it. She could already see the shadowy shapes in the trees and grass. Grabbing a short sword from her boot she crouched low and made a noise at the animals as she beckoned them closer.

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"Then you have many sleepless nights that would have been better spent doing other things." That was said with a shift of the eyes, a quirk of the lips. "Death will come when it wills, and not when we desire it." On his feet now, he picked up a heavy log, set it between the two fire pits. Then he went after his horse.

The woman Selene did exactly as he expected, though he hadn't made himself clear. Use one fire to start the other. As for himself, he led the big beast back to the log, tied the reins to it so that the horse wouldn't panic and run. His own beast had been taught to rear and crash down upon the heads of foes but his own warhorse had fallen to old age and a slew of arrows many decades before. This new mare, his latest horse, stolen several months back and hadn't been trained in the skills of war.

The fire would cause the wolves to hesitate, but they were near starving and almost desperate to choose to go after healthy prey. More the loss for them.

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Her lips turned up as well. Her eyes sparking like fire in the dark. "Yes, other things." Other things she would do with him in a heart beat. Men did not care for sweet words or mushy compliments, but he was beautiful.

The first dog leapt forward, eager to sink its teeth into her soft pale flesh. Food for the starving. But she was ready. As she egged the beasts on her heart beat fast and eager. Selene loved the fight. The blood. The sweat and gore.

Mid air she swung, sping around, whipping the black sword through the air and taking the head of the white haired beast off. It hit the ground and rolled toward Conan.

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On his side the beasts were not so easily led in to the light of the fire, preferring Selene's smaller size to Conan's larger bulk. Still, there was no mistaking the sound of steel slicing through flesh, snapping through bone. Good, she'd made the first hit.

And as a black-furred ball rolled toward him spraying blood, the big man laughed. It was no mean feat to cut through a spine with all the muscles and tendons, the flesh and the fur. She was stronger than her slender limbs first showed. Stronger, faster.

His own sword was at the ready, and even as he heard the low growl he was twisting, jumping out of the way of the rush of fangs and claws. First one, and then another almost upon its heels.

Over head and down did the big man's sword swing, steel cleaving flesh and bone in a single fell swoop. The growl turned to a single sharp, high-pitched yelp of pain before another head was taken off, soaring over the fire and scaring the horse. The second wolf he caught by its scruff, lifting it high as it twisted and bit. With a sweep of his blade, he cleft the head from it's body, holding it a moment as blood spurted from the wolve's throat before letting it drop at his feet.

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The last of the animals was playing coy. His eyes were on Selene but he made no move. He sunk down on his haunches and growled lowly at her. She knew this game, he was going to wait her out, get her on his ground on his terms, make her come to him.

What the beast did not know was how very fast she could move. Taking advantage of Conan's distraction with the pair of wolves Selene moved with ghostly speed, her feet barely feeling the ground beneath them.

She was so close to the thick coarse coat of the gray wolf that she could smell the woods on his fur. The small blade she had retreived early from her boot made a disgusting cracking noise as she forced it through at the base of his skull severing his spine in a quick, painless thrust. Blood scented the air tickling the back of her throat with a thirst that could not be quenched. Her eyes glowed eerily in the darkness, the bright flames of the fire only adding to the oddity of their color.

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And when Selene turned, she would be facing at least three feet of Cimmarian sword, coated in crimson with wolf's blood. The man was standing behind her, a weapons' length away where he had been watching. Studying.

And only sure of one thing. That Selene was not human.

"What. Are. You?"

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She turned slowly, her sword in one hand, the small dagger in the other. There was a growl rumbling in her throat. For several long moments Selene just stood there, looking ready to strike but not moving. It was instinct to fight not flee and his sword was very threatening but he had every right.

Look at her after all. She could not blame him.

"It is difficult to explain, but I am no threat to you." To show him she meant it she started to lower her blade.

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The arm holding the blade didn't waver, and neither did those fire-blue eyes. But he didn't make any more threats, didn't swing, didn't step forward, didn't bat an eyelash.

He simply watched her lower her weapons. Then, still not lowering his own blade, he retreated. "Leave them there, come into the firelight." The moon was up now, tracking it's way through the sky.

"It was only then, and only then that he lowered his sword a bit, and settled into a less aggressive stance with her.


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Selene paused. Leaving her weapons. It was unthinkable. Viktor would slap her for making such a foolish move, but she did. Carefully the black Corinthian forged steel was set on the ground and she followed him toward the light of the fire.

The further she got from the scent of blood, the better. Her eyes slowly faded to dark brown.

"I am infected with a disease."

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"What sort of disease would cause a woman to have eyes that turn color and to have the speed and strength of a tiger?" He looked up to the moon, unobstructed by few clouds that flitted across the sky. "How does one get such a disease?"

She did has he had asked, and had come unarmed into the light. Her eyes were no longer that intense blue, but a regular human brown.

"What kind of disease leaves a woman with skin white as undyed silk? A disease so unique that she does not even carry the upon her skin the mark of fleas or other biting insects? Tell me, Selene."

"Sit, here and tell me." She did fight the wolves, she didn't turn on him and she didn't become a beast herself under the light of the moon. So he was willing to sit and (cautiously) listen.

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She very quietly took a seat, not far from him but far enough to give him space. Her hands laid in her lap and she stared absently into the fire. "Monsters that wear the skin of men until the full moon rises came into my home and killed my family......there was a man.....he was strong and he fought them off. But in the end I was all that remained." She swallowed hard, not wanting to cry in front of such a man. "I had no one and nothing. Destined to be picked up by what ever hordes of barbarians found me, made a slave or worse. He bit me."

It was the only scar she had. Two faint punctures on her neck. Selene lifted her hair away from the mark and showed him.

"He gave me the strength to hunt the monsters that stole my family. Immortality as well. But I thirst for blood." It was a curse and a blessing. "But I will not harm you, it is forbidden."

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He barely blinked, though his eyes were narrowed and his face dark; and he barely moved. His chest rose and fell, and that was all as he watched and listened.

Finally, he did move, standing up, walking away from her over to his horse without a word. Untieing it from the log between two fires, he led it away from the flames and back to a grassy area near some wood-edge saplings and tied it there for the night. Returning to the light, he dropped Selene's weapons at her feet.

"It is more comfortable to speak over here. Bring your armor, you don't want it to rust." He said as he stalked by, heading back to his bed furs.

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She gathered her things as he told her to do. Rust she was not worried about, being unprepared was more frightening. For a moment she just watched as he moved about. There was not an ounce of fear. He was not afraid of what she had told him.

What a curious man.

Her weapons and armor were set beside the pile of very soft looking furs. Squatting down she let her fingers run over the hair it was quite beautiful.

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The fur she was running her fingers over was a well preserved long-toothed cat, wild and deadly, that Conan had put to the sword long ago. He still wore it's claw marks on his arm and shoulder, just another scar.

"Can you eat at all?"

He still had his own weapon out, although hanging loosely in one hand as he walked the

"And why forbidden, Selene? What makes it so?"

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She remained where she was, squatted beside his bed for the night, her fingers running over the fur of an animal she was certain she had never seen in her life. "We do not eat human food. Our bodies don not require it and as such a young one of my kind it would make me very ill."

The warning hadn't stopped her from trying though. And violently becoming ill within moments of the meat and potatoes hitting her stomach.

"My bite would either kill or turn the bitten into what I am. We may not give another immortality without the permission of the council. And we do not kill humans." Or they will hunt us like the dogs, Viktor had warned her. There were a handful of humans that knew what they were only because the Coven was employed by villiages when Lycan infestations threatened their homes. Those that knew came to the Elders with crates of gold and jewels to gain the favor of the cold ones they feared.

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Fine. More rabbit for him.

He came back, dropped beside her onto the furs, giving ample space to the young female. In his hand was the now-dried fur of the thin hare he'd caught and killed earlier. Hocking a wad of spit on the furred side, he balled it up in his hand, soothed it out and began wiping clean the blood off of his weapon.

"So then, why do you call it an infection? You make it sound more of a curse. If it is a curse, why then need you permission from this counsel to make more?"

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"Because it is. The infection cures or.....changes you. Curse is a better word, I agree." She reached out lightening fast and took his hand in a delicate embrace. Her fingers were slight, her grip was lights. "An infection or a curse, depending on how you look at life and humanity. I want to be human, I want to live and love as a woman does. I do not wish to be a monster."

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"Curse that some would call a blessing." He knew servants, slaves, dregs of humanity that would rip their grandmother's eyes out for such an opportunity. And here this one was, calling it a curse. Wise or foolish? It was not for him to know or say.

"If you don't want to be a monster, don't be one." He hocked more spit on the rabbit fur, rubbed a partially dried spot of blood up near the cross guard. "You cannot change what you are. So live with what you have, reject what does not work. It is simple."

Stretching the blade out, he looked along one edge with a critical eye, then spun it in his hand to inspect the other edge as well. Did one of those damned mutts put a nick in his blade?

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"Some may. But others may see it as what it is." Selene sighed and sank into the furs, stretching out on the soft fur. "Immortality makes men desire more power then they derserve. Turn their loved ones to slaves." At that word her eyes darted off into the night.

She was a slave. Selene knew this. It was why she had run from the walls of her home.

"You make it sound so simple but I assure you it is not. When the sun rises I will have to run for the nearest hole in the ground just to survive."

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"Men do not need immortality to desire power or sell loved ones into slavery." He was done. He dropped the rabbit fur there and stood, then slid his blade into the sheath at his side. He was still listening, but he had work to do.

"No" Came his voice from the darkness. Conan was picking up the carcasses, dragging bodies away from his camp. Ah, a head. He grabbed it up by one ear, rocked his arm back and sailed it far out into the high grass. He continued to search as he spoke.

"You make it complicated. When the sun rises you must hide. How different is this from any other who must hide to rest, so that no beast will find him asleep in the night?"

He came back, having hung the wolve's bodies in the trees, away from ground scavengers. Their heads were now far from camp, food for maggots and flies.

"It is different, that is all."

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"You are different." She said quietly as she looked up at him from where she sat enveloped in fur. "Come. Come sit with me and tell me of lands I have not seen"

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