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It had been a hundred years, no.  Longer.  More than a hundred years since he'd followed that damned wizard through the portal and into this new, strange world so alike his own and yet not. 

A hundred lands had passed beneath his boots and a dozen new languages to learn as he crossed the earth under foreign stars.  Stars who'd long since lost their remote and ominous unfamiliarity.  Now they were there, to guide his nights as the road of men and more importantly the sun guided his days.  And although he no longer fought against sorcerers and monsters as he did of old?  In this new land there were other monsters to fight; those with fangs or fur.  Some had four legs, some had two but a man did what he had to and over the decades there were less that would come against him as Conan's legend began to grow.

He'd lost track of who's land this was, and truth to tell he didn't care.  Was it owned?  Maybe.  There had been no one around for several leagues however, and the man himself had not seen another human in a spate of days.  So finding a flat enough space at the edge of a wood line, looking out to the flatland's and the tall grass beyond is where the Cimmerian made his bed for the night.  His horse had been fed and tied close, and Conan had rolled out a few furs to lay on as he roasted one of the long lop-eared hares over his small fire. 

Yes, it was a good night, but strange in a way that kept him awake and alert.  The warrior kept his sword, Cimmerian steel at his side as his eyes roamed the ocean of grass in front of him. 

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She remained where she was, squatted beside his bed for the night, her fingers running over the fur of an animal she was certain she had never seen in her life. "We do not eat human food. Our bodies don not require it and as such a young one of my kind it would make me very ill."

The warning hadn't stopped her from trying though. And violently becoming ill within moments of the meat and potatoes hitting her stomach.

"My bite would either kill or turn the bitten into what I am. We may not give another immortality without the permission of the council. And we do not kill humans." Or they will hunt us like the dogs, Viktor had warned her. There were a handful of humans that knew what they were only because the Coven was employed by villiages when Lycan infestations threatened their homes. Those that knew came to the Elders with crates of gold and jewels to gain the favor of the cold ones they feared.

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Fine. More rabbit for him.

He came back, dropped beside her onto the furs, giving ample space to the young female. In his hand was the now-dried fur of the thin hare he'd caught and killed earlier. Hocking a wad of spit on the furred side, he balled it up in his hand, soothed it out and began wiping clean the blood off of his weapon.

"So then, why do you call it an infection? You make it sound more of a curse. If it is a curse, why then need you permission from this counsel to make more?"

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"Because it is. The infection cures or.....changes you. Curse is a better word, I agree." She reached out lightening fast and took his hand in a delicate embrace. Her fingers were slight, her grip was lights. "An infection or a curse, depending on how you look at life and humanity. I want to be human, I want to live and love as a woman does. I do not wish to be a monster."

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"Curse that some would call a blessing." He knew servants, slaves, dregs of humanity that would rip their grandmother's eyes out for such an opportunity. And here this one was, calling it a curse. Wise or foolish? It was not for him to know or say.

"If you don't want to be a monster, don't be one." He hocked more spit on the rabbit fur, rubbed a partially dried spot of blood up near the cross guard. "You cannot change what you are. So live with what you have, reject what does not work. It is simple."

Stretching the blade out, he looked along one edge with a critical eye, then spun it in his hand to inspect the other edge as well. Did one of those damned mutts put a nick in his blade?

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"Some may. But others may see it as what it is." Selene sighed and sank into the furs, stretching out on the soft fur. "Immortality makes men desire more power then they derserve. Turn their loved ones to slaves." At that word her eyes darted off into the night.

She was a slave. Selene knew this. It was why she had run from the walls of her home.

"You make it sound so simple but I assure you it is not. When the sun rises I will have to run for the nearest hole in the ground just to survive."

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"Men do not need immortality to desire power or sell loved ones into slavery." He was done. He dropped the rabbit fur there and stood, then slid his blade into the sheath at his side. He was still listening, but he had work to do.

"No" Came his voice from the darkness. Conan was picking up the carcasses, dragging bodies away from his camp. Ah, a head. He grabbed it up by one ear, rocked his arm back and sailed it far out into the high grass. He continued to search as he spoke.

"You make it complicated. When the sun rises you must hide. How different is this from any other who must hide to rest, so that no beast will find him asleep in the night?"

He came back, having hung the wolve's bodies in the trees, away from ground scavengers. Their heads were now far from camp, food for maggots and flies.

"It is different, that is all."

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"You are different." She said quietly as she looked up at him from where she sat enveloped in fur. "Come. Come sit with me and tell me of lands I have not seen"

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He accepted her words for truth. He was different, so? What was she - ahh.

With a grin he dropped to the furs by her side. Stretching out, he was like a big cat. "I can tell you of many places. Her hair was in her face, he lifted a finger and moved the stray lock of it out of the way, up and behind her ear.

"But it would be easier if you first tell me of the places you have seen."

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The way he moved was distracting. Especially when he reached out and touched her hair. Selene was surprised such a large, deadly man moved with such grace and delicacy.

"Only from 'Pest to where I am now. I travel by the light of the moon, I have seen very little."

Feeling more at ease she slid down and stretched out beside him on the furs, her head propped up in her hand.

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Budapest? Far to go for a woman on her own, traveling at night.

He cracked a grin, his blue eyes warming as he lazily searched her face. "Budapest? That's not so far." He dropped his head to the bedroll, staring up at the stars and bringing his arm up under the back of his head.

"Shall I tell you of Zamora, the city of thieves, where the gutters run red with wine and silk and blood? Or perhaps of that shining city of Vanerium as the Cimmarians sacked it and put all to ruin?" He would know, he was one of the offending forces.

"Should I speak of Belit, queen of the Black Coast; or of the Red Brotherhood, the feared and dreaded pirates of the Vilayet Sea? Or would you rather learn of Hyborean Dragons? Or perhaps you would hear of the time I stole the heart of the Elephant, a gem so big it barely fit the palm of my hand?" He raised his head up, turning, and put his nose to hers as he smiled.

"What would you like to know, Selene?"

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Her eyes danced with excitement. He had seen so much, things she would likely only dream of. Nose to nose she couldn't help but smile and blush. "Tell me of them all, we have all night."

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"All night!?" He reared his head back, rising up so that he leaned on his own elbow as he faced her, his body practically a mirror to her own. "I could perhaps tell one tale - one - in the time we have left. There is too much! Too many." He lowered his eyebrows at her, mock frowning, the edge of his lip curled up suspiciously like a smile.

"But truly, Selene. Is that all you want to do tonight? Hear me tell stories?" Reaching out he played with her hair again, a lock that had fallen down the front of her chest. Lifting it up he brought it to his face and smelled it deeply, inhaling her scent then lifted it up her shoulder and dropped it down her back. When he brought his hand back, he caressed her cheek slowly, the back of his gnarled, knuckles lightly stroking her skin.

And then he was down on his back again and staring up at the sky. "So there I was, no more than a street rat looking up at the Elephant's Tower in the thieves city of Zamora..."

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"You have many tales to tell, and the night is long this time of year." She liked how he touched her. It contridicted everything about his looks. He was a warrior but there was something deeper. A tenderness she was certain he only shared with certain women.

When he rolled to his back she mimcked his moves and brushed the long hair from his face. Her fingers gingerly brushed his cheek. "The Elephant's Tower?"

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"Indeed." His face moved as he spoke, the old scar on his cheek a long slash. "The tower of the elephant, and the wizard Yara."

Such a tale was better served with wine, something for his throat. But he had a beautiful woman on his furs, and that would do. Conan spoke for a while, his chest rising and falling as he told the tale.

"So I did as he asked. Cutting out his massive heart, I squeezed it" He raised a fist in the air, clenching it into a fist "pouring the heart's blood out over over the jewel." He explained how, on Yag-Kosha's request he snuck it into the very bedchamber of the wizard Yara and what happened after.

"So in the end, I stole the heart of the Elephant Tower itself, and watched the tower fall to ruin at my feet." That he stole it and left it there wasn't the point. That he stole it was.

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Selene listened with intest interest. She had never heard of such things. It made her realize that her new life wasn't as strange as it once seemed. And she could now understand why he did not flee or kill her when she confessed what she was.

"I believe that you steal hearts very often, do you not?" She jested while letting her finger trace a line down his chest.

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"I steal treasure, ships, horses, many things" He rumbled, his eyes on her face rather than her fingers. "But that was the first and and the last time I stole a heart."

"All other hearts have been gifts to me, given by their owners."

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Her eyes met his bright and curious. Deep and thoughtful. Selene shook her head. "I have the feeling they had no choice but to give them." There was something about him that made her believe women fell easily for him, willing to give him more then the sex between their legs but their beating hearts if he asked.

"What did you do to earn such a treasure as a woman's heart?"

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He smirked then, the side of his face drawing up and the color of his eyes almost hidden in the dark. "That Selene, is another tale. For another night."

Judging from the darkness, the moon long since lost in the trees behind them; it was only a few hours until the morning. Dew was already starting to collect on the grass and leaves around them. He reached for her hand, lifted it up to his face and stared into her palm, then pressed it to his chest. "Your hand is cold. Come closer."

With that the big warrior sat up on an elbow, reaching for a large, long furred hide, pulling it up and over the two of them. Bundled down inside the furs, his body gave off much heat, warmth from the damp chill.

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"Another night, hm?" More than one. That would be a first. Selene couldn't recall a man she had bedded more than once. They bored her, or like Kraven, sought her as some sort of trophy. When they realized she was not easily won, they didn't return.

She would hate to ruin his gesture by telling him she was generally always cold. Part of her condition she didn't fully understand. She still had a heart beat, she breathed, yet she was much cooler to the touch then she had been before Viktor bitten her.

For a moment she hesitiated with what to do with her hands. But before she made a choice she smiled and sat up. "I would be warmer if not wearing a dress of metal." She was still in the chain mail. Standing up Selene was not shy about undressing. She removed the heavy chain mail dress and leather bottoms. Leaving her in a thin, practically sheer, mid thigh top that was meant to keep the metal from chaffing her skin. Laying back down she curled back up against his large, hard body, one of her hands laid at his waist, her head found rest upon his large bicep. "How often do you find strange women like me in the woods?"


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