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It had been a hundred years, no.  Longer.  More than a hundred years since he'd followed that damned wizard through the portal and into this new, strange world so alike his own and yet not. 

A hundred lands had passed beneath his boots and a dozen new languages to learn as he crossed the earth under foreign stars.  Stars who'd long since lost their remote and ominous unfamiliarity.  Now they were there, to guide his nights as the road of men and more importantly the sun guided his days.  And although he no longer fought against sorcerers and monsters as he did of old?  In this new land there were other monsters to fight; those with fangs or fur.  Some had four legs, some had two but a man did what he had to and over the decades there were less that would come against him as Conan's legend began to grow.

He'd lost track of who's land this was, and truth to tell he didn't care.  Was it owned?  Maybe.  There had been no one around for several leagues however, and the man himself had not seen another human in a spate of days.  So finding a flat enough space at the edge of a wood line, looking out to the flatland's and the tall grass beyond is where the Cimmerian made his bed for the night.  His horse had been fed and tied close, and Conan had rolled out a few furs to lay on as he roasted one of the long lop-eared hares over his small fire. 

Yes, it was a good night, but strange in a way that kept him awake and alert.  The warrior kept his sword, Cimmerian steel at his side as his eyes roamed the ocean of grass in front of him. 

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It had been no more then two years since Viktor had found and turned her. While her rage pumped fast and hard in her blood aching for revenge, part of her did not want to be put on the short leash her master had crafted for her. Selene had immortality and strength yet she was but a slave.

Men took her as they pleased. Viktor commanded her to do his will.

Revenge had not come as easy for her as she believed it would. She felt used and was tired of being their pretty puppet. No more. During training sessions she snuck small weapons to stash in her room. When she could manage she went for more useful armory. A sword. A dress of chain mail and black armor fashioned in Corinthian stylings. She had bled the horses slowly to fill water bags with blood to sustain her.

When the time was right she fled the Devil's House and made her way into the wilderness alone.

There was no direction. No sense to her path. Selene just ran. She felt freedom in her veins for the first time in her life and ran. Though when daylight emerged she was held captive by its rays. Furiously cursing the bright beams of light from the darkness of a cave.

In the darkness she heard the beat of a heart. It was not animal. That much she knew. It smelled of man. His heart was strong and true. Unlike any beat she had ever heard before. In the darkness she crept slowly, watching, wondering waiting....

Until a foolish step caused a branch to break and announce her to the stranger.

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"You would." And the armor wouldn't bite his flesh in his sleep as chainmail on skin was apt to do. He lay there in the dark with only the stars above and the embers from the fires on the ground and watched her move, watched her body twist and bend as she removed the last of her armor.

"Not often enough." Came the answer from above her head with a laugh. Then his hand was reaching over, cupping her face and tracing his fingers down the side of her cheek. His voice was rougher now, slower, deeper even. "And I have never found such a woman as you before, Selene."

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