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It had been a hundred years, no.  Longer.  More than a hundred years since he'd followed that damned wizard through the portal and into this new, strange world so alike his own and yet not. 

A hundred lands had passed beneath his boots and a dozen new languages to learn as he crossed the earth under foreign stars.  Stars who'd long since lost their remote and ominous unfamiliarity.  Now they were there, to guide his nights as the road of men and more importantly the sun guided his days.  And although he no longer fought against sorcerers and monsters as he did of old?  In this new land there were other monsters to fight; those with fangs or fur.  Some had four legs, some had two but a man did what he had to and over the decades there were less that would come against him as Conan's legend began to grow.

He'd lost track of who's land this was, and truth to tell he didn't care.  Was it owned?  Maybe.  There had been no one around for several leagues however, and the man himself had not seen another human in a spate of days.  So finding a flat enough space at the edge of a wood line, looking out to the flatland's and the tall grass beyond is where the Cimmerian made his bed for the night.  His horse had been fed and tied close, and Conan had rolled out a few furs to lay on as he roasted one of the long lop-eared hares over his small fire. 

Yes, it was a good night, but strange in a way that kept him awake and alert.  The warrior kept his sword, Cimmerian steel at his side as his eyes roamed the ocean of grass in front of him. 

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It had been no more then two years since Viktor had found and turned her. While her rage pumped fast and hard in her blood aching for revenge, part of her did not want to be put on the short leash her master had crafted for her. Selene had immortality and strength yet she was but a slave.

Men took her as they pleased. Viktor commanded her to do his will.

Revenge had not come as easy for her as she believed it would. She felt used and was tired of being their pretty puppet. No more. During training sessions she snuck small weapons to stash in her room. When she could manage she went for more useful armory. A sword. A dress of chain mail and black armor fashioned in Corinthian stylings. She had bled the horses slowly to fill water bags with blood to sustain her.

When the time was right she fled the Devil's House and made her way into the wilderness alone.

There was no direction. No sense to her path. Selene just ran. She felt freedom in her veins for the first time in her life and ran. Though when daylight emerged she was held captive by its rays. Furiously cursing the bright beams of light from the darkness of a cave.

In the darkness she heard the beat of a heart. It was not animal. That much she knew. It smelled of man. His heart was strong and true. Unlike any beat she had ever heard before. In the darkness she crept slowly, watching, wondering waiting....

Until a foolish step caused a branch to break and announce her to the stranger.

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The night had gone quiet, some predator roamed the in the still hours before the dawn. Lulled by the warm fire, Conan had finally stretched out, his eyes closed to rest. In the unnatural quiet he made no overt movement, gave away no tell-tale visible sign that he was less than fast asleep.

There was a snapping of a branch from the darkness, over to the left. No native beast then to snap and break a branch so. A mosquito landed on his arm, began to feed. The warrior's arm never moved.

Was that the soft chink of metal he heard?

Enough of this nonsense. With his eyes still closed, the big man spoke, a loud rumbling noise. "If it is food you want, come closer, I've had my fill. If it is fire you need there is enough to share. If you wish to remain out there in the dark, so be it. But if you think to take from me my friend; you will not live to see the moonrise. The choice is yours."

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Fire. Fire would be nice. The metal that was molded to fit her small frame grew cold when the sun was down. She would like nothing more then to peel off the heavy breast plate and shoulders and feel the warmth on her skin. Man made sun.


As she made her way closer she held out her hand, envious of the way the golden light warmed the color of her skin.

"I am not a theif." Selene announced as she finally made herself completely known. Her long dark hair hung in unkept waves down her back and over her shoulders, some of it twisted into braids. Pulling it to the side she removed the heavy armor and set it on the ground. Leaving her in a chain mail dress over hand stitched leather pants.

A woman in pants. Viktor only allowed women who were Death Dealers to do such a thing. When they were not sowing the seeds of war against the Lycan she was draped in dresses of silk and made to look like a doll. "The moon will be full tonight."

Without any fear of this man she sat near the fire, rubbing her hands together when they had absorbed some of the heat. She closed her eyes and sighed, she missed the sun.

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Not a thief? Time would tell. "This is good" he answered, his eyes traveling up her form as he blinked them open for the first time since he'd heard that snap of a branch back in the woods.

"I would hate to kill you." Strange to see a woman dressed as a warrior, those were all too rare on this world. It reminded him home in fact, as Cimmarian women wore the same battle garb as their brothers and husbands. At her comment, he simply grunted. Yes, full moon. Strange things happened then, dark magics and twisted men-made-animal's stalked the wilds. If he were lucky, the night would be peaceful. If they were smart, the were-beasts would hunt somewhere far from here. And if his new, young and lush visitor were a moon-changing monster, he'd soon know it.

Under heavy brows did he look at her, brilliant blue eyes peering across the fire.

"You lost?" Why else would a woman alone be found in this place?

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His eyes stared at her from across the fire, hers lifted toward the night sky. A beautiful blanket of twinkling lights she never had the chance to appriciate anymore. There was a hint of a smile on her lips. "I would hate for you to try."

Selene had grown use to killing monsters, she had not yet gotten a taste for taking the lives of men. While it was a necessary evil, she had yet to develop the distain for human life as Viktor and many of her brother and sister vampires had. She still felt very much human and wanted to stay that way as long as she could.

"Lost." She repeated, her eyes slowly dropping from the sky to peer through the flames at him. It was then that she truly noticed him. He was a mountain of a man. His tan skin glowed beautifully against the light of the fire and his eyes....She was no virgin. Like the men she fought beside Selene had grown accustom to being used and using men for nothing more then a night. However, those men rarely looked or smelled as this one did.

He smelled of the woods and fire. Of earth and the wild.

"That would depend on your meaning of the question." She challenged in a teasing manner, her voice still soft and unthreatening. Viktor said her looks were her greatest asset, no one would ever suspect a woman like Selene to be a killer of monsters and men.

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There was a thin blade's edge of silver on the far mountain, the moon beginning to make it's nightly ascent. Soon he would know, the pull of the full moon's face making many men into monsters before the night was out. Soon he would know if his guest were one of them.

Lost and flirting? She seemed not to fear his presence any more than she feared the coming of midnight. Not normal, this beautiful young woman with dark eyes and darker, flowing mane of hair. This woman who wore a warrior's garb. The peasants, the tribes - villages - around here were full of sheep disguised as men. She was made of different stock.

A warrior then, and - wait. Or a sorceress perhaps? Hmm, that was something to dwell on for a few long, silent moments. Perhaps. But good Cimmarian steel could end wizardly curses as well as it could cut through fur and flesh.

"I mean what I say, or I'd not say it. Are you lost?" There was a village a half day back, and it would not be out of his way overmuch to bring her out of the wilderness and back to some less lonely, treacherous place.

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"No, I am not lost." Not in the physical sense. Selene was exactly where she wanted to be. Inside? That was another story. Coming to terms with immortality has been an adjustment she has not made with ease. Or comfort. She was not yet right in her new skin.

Looking over his spartan camp she smirked and met his eyes again. "Are you lost? These lands are dangerous when the moon rises. A man should not be wandering alone."

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"Then you want to be in this place." It was more a statement of disbelief than an actual question, although his eyebrow rose as he spoke. His head tilted from one side slowly to the other, with his eyes occasionally glancing back to the moon behind her. She was beautiful, young, pale and well spoken. And so out of place.

Another mosquito landed on his skin, he didn't bother to shoo it away.

"They are." The big man moved finally, sitting up and pulling up his legs so that he could put his elbows on his knees as he spoke. "But no more or less dangerous than any other land I've slept on. And I am not alone." He made an abrupt gesture with his thumb. "I have my horse."

"And now there is you. Not alone, see?" With that he flashed a smile, white teeth showing briefly before being hidden behind his lips.

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"Yes, of course, you do have your horse." She smiled. This time it reached her eyes. A rarity behind the walls of Ordoghaz. "The bosom of the Corinthian basin holds monsters unseen by most men. Those that have laid eyes upon them rarely live to tell the tale. War hardened as you may be," Her eyes were back on the sky.

The sliver of moon teased the sky with its light.

"These lands are hell upon the Earth."

If there were Lycan in the woods they would be able to detect her. Viktor had not explained how, but somehow they were able to sense one another. Perhaps it was the blood, blood once shared by monsterous twin brothers. Mystics believed twins shared a connection, could feel when the other was hurt. Selene could not feel the pain she inflicted on her filthy Lycan cousins but she could sense when they were near.

"You were ready to sleep?" She looked past him toward the pile of furs he had laid down.

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He grunted. "I've seen enough. Rare or common, most monsters will fall, be it through fire, steel or silver or salt water. This place holds no greater or worse monsters than any other. Different perhaps, but no more."

She did not like it here, lost or not. That much was truth. He too looked to the sky, seeing only the stars that were there the day, the decade before, and the decade before that. "No. Hell on earth is to be locked up, unable to see neither land nor sky."

He didn't follow her eyes, he didn't have to. "I slept."

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So he was a nomad. Wanderer of the world. But he had come from somewhere and by the looks of him it was not here. He was not native to this place. "How have you seen so much?"

That she agreed with. During the daylight hours she felt like a prisoner. It was terrifying and clostrophobic to be trapped by the deadly force of the sun. Something she once cherished would now kill her.

She smirked softly at that and nodded. "The night is young." He couldn't have slept for long but alone in the woods likely didn't afford him much time for beauty rest. "I am Selene." If she was going to intrude on his camp and his sleep she could be polite enough to introduce herself. "Do you have a name or shall I just call you Nomad?"

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"A man can see a lot when not tied to a patch of earth like a herd beast."

The sky was a blue-black velvet, sprinkles of stars scattered on it like diamonds. Stars that too soon would lose their shine when the moon held court in the dark.

"I am Conan." One thing about her disturbed him. She spoke well, was relatively clean, and wore warriors leathers. But where was her weapon? It would be death for anyone to be out here unarmed. Even shepherds had staffs when they went to find their wandering sheep. "Your sword. Have you lost that as well?"

"And are you tired, Selene? After all the night is young." Conan had a healthy respect, even a fear of the supernatural, if one could call it that. However, he was not one to look down upon the unexpected gift of a willing bedmate.

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"You would." And the armor wouldn't bite his flesh in his sleep as chainmail on skin was apt to do. He lay there in the dark with only the stars above and the embers from the fires on the ground and watched her move, watched her body twist and bend as she removed the last of her armor.

"Not often enough." Came the answer from above her head with a laugh. Then his hand was reaching over, cupping her face and tracing his fingers down the side of her cheek. His voice was rougher now, slower, deeper even. "And I have never found such a woman as you before, Selene."

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"In all your travels, never one such as myself?" Her words were soft, sultry, begging for him to close that gap and let their lips meet.

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"Never." Came the quiet reply. Never had he met a woman with hair like sable and skin like pearls, dressed as a warrior with eyes that glowed blue fire. Never had fought beside such a woman, or spoke to such a woman, or kissed such a woman.

So he did that now, meeting her lips with his, as his hand wound up several feet of sable hair into his clenched grasp and held her to him.

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That actually made her blush. Selene did not get treated like this by men. They did not say these things nor look at her as he was. Men were not gentle. She felt her heart race at the sound of that single word. Never. Even if he had been lying she would have still felt the flounder of her heart and the rush of blood to her face.

She loved how his hand felt in her very long hair. Possessive but not controlling, the sort of possession that spoke of desire not taking.

Her lips met his eagerly a soft whimper vibrating just behind her lips.

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Her lips were as soft as her armor hard. Kissing her once, he pulled away to trace her lips with a rough and calloused fingerpad and then kiss her again. Harder this time. Longer did their lips meet.

His free arm wrapped around her back, tightening his hold on her and pressing her to him.

Morning was close, but not that close. He would keep watch on the skies, even as he kept his attention upon the woman in his arms.

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She nipped at his finger as he brushed it over her lips. His kiss was fierce and lingering, making her pale lips swell and darken with a flush of color.

Her hands were in his thick mane of hair, like a lion he was, or so he looked. She fisted her hands in his locks kissing him eagerly her body pressing to his as he pulled her closer.

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He took her teeth on his finger like he took everything else; stoically. Not pulling away at the pain. His eyes simply narrowed for a flash of a moment, then opened again. Waiting to see what she would do next.

And then he took what she had next, and gladly. Rolling the woman over, he pull her atop him. The hand on her back slid lower, to where her short chemise met skin, and began to run his hand over the back of her thigh, pushing the material up and out of the way of his roaming fingers.

The moon was behind her head, giving this one the illusion of a halo as he stared up at her, but she was no angel, he'd bet his weapon on that.

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Her hands skimmed over the shape of her body until the tips of her fingers found the edge of the fabric that was in his way. She pulled it over her head and tossed it on the furs.

Eager hands pressed against his chest, so pale and creamy against his sunkissed skin, lowering her self down her long hair hung around her face. She kissed him softly. Pulling back she sat up liking the position they were in, wondering if he liked what he saw. "Now that I have you where I want you....whatever will I do?"

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How many times had he been inside of her, three, four? How many times had she arched her back above him, showing those beautiful breasts of hers, that throat, those shoulders to the night? Conan didn't bother to count. It was more than once or twice, and far less than he'd wanted her to in the end. Of course there were even limits to his endurance, and there was a fair amount of time between their last two bouts of passion. They'd been tender, they'd been rough. Furs were scattered across the grass now, the tail of one beast smoldering in the dying embers of the fire.

Dying, just as the night was.

"Come, it's time." They'd held out as long as they could, he knew that. Longer than they should have, if she was going to be back into the darkness of her cave during daylight hours. Conan kissed her full, bruised looking lips.

"Selene, you will be safe. I will stay until nightfall."

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Laying against his soild, thick chest she lifted her chin when the rumble of his voice woke her from her half sleep. There was a soft, sleepy smile on her lips as she looked at him. Every part of her ached not from pain, or even from the fight with the wolves, she ached for more of him if that was possible. After last night Selene wasn't sure much else was possible and she had never experienced that with a man before. They had spent the night having their way with one another.

"And when the moon rises again, I will ride with you." Or walk, she didn't have a horse.

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His eyes looked down on hers, his face thoughtful and still. Then there was an abrupt nod. "Yes. You will." There was nothing further to be said. He'd made his mind up when she spoke. The horse was strong and ugly, certainly big enough to carry them both. Or he would walk, or she would. They would.


"Come, this all can wait." He jerked his head to look at their makeshift camp. "The sun will not."

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"What if someone comes along and finds our nest empty?" Selene started to quickly gather up her armor and weapons from the ground. "Besides, I like the feel of the fur against my skin." Selene had never slept on fur before, it tickled, teased and carressed, not unlike his hands. With as much as she could carry in her arms she made her way into the cave hidden in the side of the mountain, behind a thicket of trees and bushes.

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